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The History

The Liberty Theatre first opened its doors in 1924 as a segregated theatre where music legends such as Ma Rainey and Cab Calloway performed. In later years, the theatre operated as a segregated movie theatre showing westerns and other feature films to the youth of the community. With integration in the mid 1970s, the theatre declined and eventually the doors closed. Due to several grants, the facility was expanded and the doors reopened in 1996. The theatre thrived under outstanding leadership of Executive Directors such as Mrs. Gayle Daniels, and today the theatre is currently under the direction of Dr. Shae Anderson. Priorities for the theatre, 20 years after its expansion are renovations, expansion, extensive community involvement, and moving towards greater sustainability for future generations. The theatre has an active and diverse board of directors.  

Our Mission

The mission of The Liberty Theatre & Cultural Center is to promote African American heritage and cultural and intellectual activities for the benefit and enjoyment of all who live in and visit the Columbus, Georgia area. 

Our Goals

To provide exceptional arts, entertainment events and other participatory activities to enhance the quality of life for our community.

To offer programming that is appropriate to the diverse interests of our regional audience and priced fairly to assure accessibility to all.

To provide a complete, professional, courteous, and welcoming environment for all our guests.

To have the best theatre of its kind in the Southeast.