Liberty Theatre Hosts On the Table Chatt Event

The Liberty Theatre & Cultural Center, Inc. was excited to again participate in this year's On the Table Chatt on Tuesday, October 22nd from 6pm-8pm. Across the city on Oct. 22nd starting as early as 7:00am, organizations were hosting conversations about the topics that mean the most to our community. We had a great time discussing the many good things happening in our community as well as the improvements we hope to see in the near future. Through a variety of small group conversations and activities, we made new friends and identify ways to take the things we're doing well in our city and create more strategic, unified efforts to begin to tackle some of the serious issues that plague our community. The Liberty Theatre provided a taco bar for attendees, and food was also donated by Janelle Chambers of Nelly’s Fruits & More and Niecy’s BBQ. The event moderator was Felicia Hamilton (iHeart Radio), and table hosts included DJ Chip (iHeart), AP The Midday Diva (98.3 The Beat), Darrliena McDonald (Salon DM Squared), Alan Ross (community advocate/leader), Keke Alexander (community advocate). Addie Britt, transportation planner w/ the city, and volunteer Samantha Lawton assisted Liberty Theatre staff w/ planning the event. One of the many take aways from the evening is that conversations like this should be happening much more frequently. The more than 25 community conversations that took place on the 22nd are an indicator that our community really does want to come together to communicate, WORK, and ultimately begin to solve some of the challenges our community faces. There is a great deal of work to be done. Pointing fingers and shifting the responsibility of it all won’t accomplish much. Let’s get to work, Columbus!

Did you participate in a #chattchat on yesterday? Drop a comment and tell us about your experience!