Ed's Southern Cooking on Milgen Road Sponsors Robert Lamar Anderson Academy of Excellence - End of Year Celebration

Robert Lamar Anderson Academy of Excellence: I still have no clue why God has seen fit for me to work with boys, but I’ve stopped questioning it. They drive us all nuts some days, and we have a lot of difficult days, meltdowns, parent calls, etc that y’all don’t see, but that’s all part of the process. God continues to place the most amazing people on my path who seem to know what’s needed without me saying a word. Thanks soooo much to Mr. Pete Danois, Mr. Bellefield, and Mr. Gilbert- the best MCSD bus drivers in the land for coordinating our end of year dinner and working with Ed Simmons to sponsor a wonderful celebration. Teddy Reese for bringing a great word as always. Carla Piett and Invisible Hands for being consistent, ALWAYS staying a step ahead and keeping me, kids and staff focused and organized. The administration at Baker Middle for welcoming us. Mr. Earl for being a faithful volunteer 3 days a week every week. Justin Allen and Delois Carr Allen for always diving right in to support without hesitation. Maxine Conaway-Hall for helping us communicate with parents, monitor student progress and the comic relief. All of the countless people who donate time, talent, snacks, money, etc to make this work possible. Last but not least Robert Lamar Anderson for being a great example of what a wonderful husband, father, servant leader, and man of God looks like. We’ve got summer plans already lined up for the boys, and PowerCord Bracelet orders are still being accepted.

RLA Academy of Excellence Students Begin PowerCord Bracelet Business

All In for Columbus, Inc (Justin Allen) provides business and customer service training for our new PowerCord Bracelet business project. The PowerCord Bracelet business is being managed by rising 9th grader - Emmanuel Crowell. He makes the bracelets and trains other students on how to measure supplies and make bracelets. The students make them, keep inventory, handle product photography, and meet with All In for Columbus, Justin Allen for weekly business meetings to discuss P&L, etc. They will earn commission for each bracelet sold and decide as a group what to do with remaining proceeds. We have all school, sorority, and fraternity colors. Bracelets are 1 for $10 and 2 for $15- all sizes available. Their cash app is $RLAAcademy. Online ordering available soon.